Downtown Derby has many unique shops and stores. Take your time and enjoy them all. Then come back to your favorites.These shops and stores are located in mini malls scattered throughout downtown. Most of them are located within walking distance.Almost everything you can imagine can be found in downtown Derby. Most of these stores are owned by people that live right here in Derby.From auto parts to getting your nails done. All in the same mall, or maybe spend an hour at the spa.Get your hair cut and have your pants altered all while your wife finds that perfect ring or necklace.Baltimore Ave. is litterally lined with the small businesses that give Derby its unique small town charm.Whether you are looking for a Real Estate agent to sell your home or maybe you are ready to take up a new hobby, everything is here in walking distance.Go do your daily work out routine, then get your hair done all while your computer is getting fixed next door.These mini malls offer some unique one-of-a-kind shops that cannot be found anywhere else in the world.They  also offer nationally known stores like Radio Shack right next to The Good Fortune Chinese Restaurant.And if you throw your back out while doing all this shopping, there is the Derby Chiropractic center.There are so many stores and shops to choose from we simply cannot list them all.While you have Chinese on one side, on the other side is Pizza John's.Then after your pizza lunch you can stop next door and have you insurance evaluated.Maybe you want to turn your hobby into a nice little retirement business. There is space available to do that.Yes, there is a Dollar General store for those last minute needs.Last but not least there is even one right next to your Copperstone home that has a Doughnut shop as well other stores with a variety of goods and services to offer.
Click on the first photo and see the slide show of the downtown malls. There is so much to see we tried to show you most of it.
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